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Fel3000ft “What Drives You?” Chevy SXSW 2012

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Earlier this month I was honored to participate in the 2012 SXSW Secret Walls live art battles, presented by Chevrolet.

Participating Artists:

Smug of Glasgow, Scotland, a street artist who specializes in characters and photorealistic urban art.

Jon Burgerman of New York, known for vibrant, neo-primitive doodles crammed together until they create a mass of energy.

Bridge Stehli of London, whose work embraces the themes of personified animals in classical and contemporary culture.

Lamour Supreme of Brooklyn, N.Y., an artist and architectural designer who chooses mediums ranging from vinyl toys to large, moving 3D objects

Joshua Sutterby aka Alfa of London, who applies his art to skin at his Kids Love Ink East studio.

Dan Leo Vancouver, B.C., known for pieces that are clean, bold and colorful, using spray paint applied with a brush

Fel3000ft of Detroit, a 29-year graffiti artist featured in “The History of American Graffiti;” his work can be found on industrial and abandoned settings

Kev Bee of Southgate, Mich., a tattoo artist and graduate of Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies.

Photo Credit: © General Motors.

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